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#3: GitHub independent Login & Single Sign On

#3: GitHub independent Login & Single Sign On Secondary method for logging into BackHub.

Currently you log into BackHub with your GitHub user (oAuth).

This is practical for a few important reasons:

  • There is no need to create a new account on BackHub to be able to use it
  • Organizations do not have to manage permissions, and
  • If you are an owner of the organization, you automatically get access to its backups as well

The downside is that the oAuth service is dependent on GitHub. If GitHub is unavailable for any reason, you cannot log into BackHub either. Yet, the whole rationale for backups is to maintain access to data even in a failure scenario.

We implemented cloning last year to enable customers to access data independently from GitHub. Read more …

In 2019 we hope to integrate a secondary method to log into BackHub. We will likely implement a SAML solution, as SAML is a popular choice for our Enterprise customers.

Note: Another way would be to set a user or disaster recovery password, one which can be used only if GitHub is down. We are looking into how we might do this.