The backup consists of the complete git repository, including all branches, plus GitHub-related metadata associated with the repository, such as issues, milestones and so on.

We include most data available via the GitHub API associated with the repository. This currently includes:


  • branches
  • line notes


  • incl. commit comments



  • incl. Documents


  • when was the issue filed
  • who filed the issue
  • status open/closed
  • comments (without reactions)
  • assignee
  • labels

Note: When you include an image or another attachment such as ZIP-Files, the file is uploaded to GitHub’s CDN and then referenced by the URL in the issue or comment. The URL for the attachment is included in the backup, but the file itself is fetched from GitHub’s CDN.

Pull Requests

Pull requests are included in the backup, but can only be restored as issues due to limitations of the GitHub API.


  • status open/closed
  • description
  • due date
  • associated issues


Wikis are included in the backup but cannot be automatically restored due to limitations of the GitHub API. Learn how to restore a wiki here.

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