Control which repositories to backup

Repositories are automatically backed up according to access permissions.

By default, BackHub creates backups of all repositories you grant access to. 

During installation repository access is set to either "All repositories" or "Only select repositories". You can change this later in the app settings at GitHub.

All repositories: If you grant access to "All repositories" then backups for all current and future repositories will be automatically created.

Only select repositories:
If you want to backup only select repositories, choose "Only select repositories" and enter the names of the repositories to backup. 

You can manage repository access in the app settings. Go to the app directory and choose the account for which you want to configure access.

Alternatively, you can choose "Configure access" from the installation menu in BackHub.

There is an option to exclude public repositories and/or archived repositories from being backed up. If you want this option to be activated for your account, please contact support.

Note: After the access to an existing backup has been revoked, it is automatically archived and can then be manually deleted.