How files are organized in the Amazon S3 bucket

Folder and subfolder naming conventions, subfolder contents, and how to get a working copy with files.

We sync the files from our storage to your S3 bucket. 

We always sync from the current snapshot. The current snapshot contains all your data.

The number of the folder name is your installation ID. 

The subfolders are named after the unique repository ID. Each subfolder includes a file REPOSITORY_FULLNAME containing the repository name, along with JSON files, which contain the metadata.

The repository itself is in repository.git. It is a bare repository. Basically, it is the .git folder of a repository and contains all data, including all branches.

Note: You don’t see the files directly because the folder doesn’t contain a working copy of any branch. 

You can clone from this repository to get a working copy with files. Follow the instructions here.