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How to install BackHub with an enterprise plan

Installing a BackHub enterprise plan via the GitHub App Directory.

Enterprise plans are billed outside GitHub Marketplace. Therefore, the BackHub app needs to be installed through the GitHub App Directory instead.

To start installing BackHub:

1. Go to the GitHub App Directory

2. Select the account you want to create backups for.

Note: You need a separate plan and installation for each organization or your personal account. In the example shown, the GitHub organization "gebruederheitz" is selected as the plan account for the installation.

3. Grant access and permissions as appropriate.

Access. BackHub creates backups for all repositories you grant access to. If you grant access to "All repositories" then backups for all current and future repositories will be automatically created. If you want to backup only select repositories, choose "Only select repositories" and enter the names of the repositories you want to backup.

Permissions. BackHub requires read access to code. For backing up the metadata and to manage access to backups, read access to administration, issues, members, metadata, pull requests, and repository projects is also required.

4. Click "Install" to install. (GitHub may ask for your password to confirm the installation)

To sign into BackHub:

1. Click on "Authorize backhub". 

You are redirected to backhub.co.

To create backups for your GitHub repositories:

On backhub.co an initial dialog displays with the number of repositories you granted access to, and the account for which you have installed BackHub.

1. To start creating backups, click "Create backups".

Next, you will see a progress bar, initiating the backups.

2. You will be automatically enrolled to a 14 day free trial. Our Sales Team will reach out to you for pricing and further steps.