How to set up cloud sync backup to Amazon S3

Use Cloud Sync feature to set up cloud sync backup from a new bucket.

You can sync all your GitHub repository backups to Amazon S3 if you activate Cloud Sync. Backups are synced on a daily basis.

Before you can use Cloud Sync, you need to create a new bucket in your AWS account. We recommend using a new bucket without preexisting data in it to avoid naming and other conflicts.

Follow the instructions here to create a new bucket.

Make sure to use SSE-S3 for encryption. We currently do not support SSE-KMS encrypted buckets.



To set up Cloud Sync for Amazon S3:

  1. In BackHub, click on the menu item “Cloud Sync”
  2. Type in or paste the name of your bucket to generate the bucket policy. The policy grants access to the BackHub AWS Cloud Sync user so we can sync backups to your S3 bucket.
  3. To save the policy to your S3 bucket, at AWS, go to Permissions > Bucket Policy to paste the policy from your clipboard. Read the AWS docs for further instructions.
  4. Start Sync.