Pricing and Plans

Prices and purchase methods for self-serve and enterprise plans.

BackHub offers two types of plans: regular self-serve plans that you can purchase in the GitHub Marketplace, and Enterprise plans available from our sales team.

GitHub Marketplace plans

GitHub Marketplace plans start at 12 USD /mo for 10 repository backups. The largest plan we offer at GitHub Marketplace is 1200 repositories for 480 USD /mo. If you need to back up more repositories, contact sales for an enterprise plan.


  • Daily recurring backups of all your public and private GitHub repositories
  • Backup snapshots of the last 30 days
  • Option to sync backups to your Amazon S3 bucket
  • Backup metadata, such as issues, milestones and more
  • Download repository and metadata or restore back to GitHub

Enterprise plans

Enterprise plans start at 240 USD /mo for 300 repository backups. While there is no real limitation in the amount of repositories we can back up for your account, the largest amount ever tested is 5000 repositories per account.

To purchase an enterprise plan please contact sales.


Enterprise plans include all features from Marketplace plans, plus:

  • Premier customer support incl. recovery and restore assistance
  • 99.9% availability
  • 24/7 Support with 24 hrs response time
  • Custom contracts (Client DPA, MSA etc.)
  • Individual security assessment
  • Personal support contact