Service Level Agreement

Enterprise plan SLA details - availability, support and contacts.

BackHub offers the following Service Level Agreement for customers on an enterprise plan:


(1) In addition to § 8 IV, the Service Provider shall guarantee 99.9% availability of its services.

(2) Excluded from the aforementioned availability are failures for which the Service Provider is not responsible, as well as necessary maintenance work.


(1) The support hotline is available to customers around the clock for backup and recovery tasks. A response time of 24 hours is guaranteed. A personal support employee is available to the customer.

(2) The response time defines the time between the receipt of a request and the first response to it. This reaction does not necessarily represent the solution or the answer to the question, but can include questions for further analysis. This further analysis can go beyond the agreed reaction time.

Contact options

The Service Provider can be contacted by email:

Additional agreements

The customer can make individual agreements with the Service Provider regarding security assessments, order processing and general service agreements. Within the framework of the service level agreement, the compatibility of these additional agreements with the general terms and conditions of the Service Provider is checked and agreed upon if compatibility exists.

The Service Level Agreement is part of our terms of use.